Local Coffee Talks, is inspired by my father, Dwight. He loves to visit cafes, coffee shops and to meet everyone in these places. He would leave the cafe inspired and with insight. One of his ambitions was to visit various places and meet people along his travels; however, October 30th, 1985, a car accident, due to a drunk driver, crippled him; and recently, he has been diagnosed with cancer and given about a year to live, 2021. However, he does continue to surprise us. Dwight’s and many cancer fighting patients spirit and determination reminds us to live.

A bit of background about me. In 1999, I started to travel and to live in various parts of the world. My first overseas trip was: Tokyo Japan, then in 2000 I went to South Korea. In 2003, I started to live in Daegu, South Korea. From 1999 till 2021, I have visited over 49 countries and lived in 3 different countries. While in each country and city, I would make sure to visit a cafe or coffee shop. While in South Korea, I a few coffee shops knew me very well. When I return home, to Canada, I always go back to the Bean Scene, in Vernon BC, and say, “hi” to Phil.

When you are at home, you go to a familiar a place where people know your name. Essentially, you go to your local coffee shop. We look to support local because the local business gives back to your community. Many of us know the big brand names.  When we travel, we tend to visit the big brand names. The intention here is to support local.

The big brand names offer a brand or an identity that many people know around the world. You can meet some very interesting people in these places. As you follow Local Coffee Talks, you will read about all sorts of different kinds of information and various types of backgrounds. The idea behind the these chats is to inspire and to leave you with little tidbits of wisdom and insights, as well, to create a collective community.

Local Coffee Talks is to give those people who are unable to leave their house or place of residence access about what other coffee enthusiasts are doing, in various parts of the world. So, let us know the type of people you like to learn about, in the comments. Your support is appreciated.

At the moment, due to restrictions, the focus is primarily about the people of Cork Ireland. Once restrictions lift, we will visit other cities, counties, and countries. Essentially, a you will sense and come to appreciate, Local Coffee Talks is about living the life Dwight and others couldn’t; and, to give back to the local communities and businesses that have been supportive and inspiring us when we needed to be uplifted.