Cafe MYO

For Sale: Soups, Sandwiches, Savory goods, and desserts

Address: Popes Quay
Owner: Liam

For those not too familiar with Cork City. Cork City prides itself on being a rebel city. Many of the people here in Cork are free and independent thinkers. If the locals like you, they will give you what is called “the Craic’. “The Craic,” means nothing more than ripping on you whether through playful banter or just simple teasing. Sometimes you have to have a bit of a thick skin. Just keep in mind that the people here rip on themselves and on one another to get a laugh.

Bridge in front of MYOs coming from market square.e

Walk across the bridge, grab a coffee at MYOs.

And sometimes laughter comes in the most unusual spaces where the cosmic forces brings like minded people together.

How to find this Bohemian cafe? MYO is on Pope’s Quay across the bridge from the market square. The exterior of the building is a lovely sky blue with big windows facing the Southern skies.

Aside from having a communal seating plan, MYO makes a tasty cup of organic coffee or loose leaf tea. The beverages are made with love and care.

The seating arrangement inside Cafe MYOs. Three tables with lamps and paintings on the wall.Cafe MYO was originally a junk store until the current owner Liam had taken over the place and then renovated the place: the floors, the walls, the counter, and the bathroom. The floors have a lovely black and white swirl to them. The walls have fresh coat of paint. The front counter underneath has a large sun to brighten up your day on those cloudy Irish days. The bathroom is clean and cozy.

The physical history of the building is one thing. Coming up with an appropriate name requires time. Liam knew that the name of place only had three letters. What those three letters were… evaded him. Liam having a significant amount of insight on chats and the meditative practices of Buddhism calmed his mind and spirit and let the three letters present themselves to him. As he sat in a meditative state, the three letters marched their way across Liam’s mind, ‘M’, ‘Y’, ‘O” or ‘MYO’. Liam quickly realized that MYO came from a Buddhist chat: “Nam-myoho-renge-kyo”.

As Liam defines MYO: the cosmic force that brings people and our actions together.

Communal Seating, big bright windows overlooking River Lee.

Enjoy big windows & communal seating.

Come in sit a spell and let serendipity work her magical spell. Take a moment and chat with the locals and listen to him or her share his or her story. Listen for the rebellious and independent creative spirit. You may be lucky enough to hear some live music that seems to manifest at the most random moments.