Create memories: Buy what you like. Do what you like. Stay where you like.

1) Coffee
2) Tea
3) Spice(s)

Three spoons and Jurgita reminds us to be happy with being in the moment. Coffee and Tea should be shared and involve a conversation. She reminds us to treasure our time and create memories. We live in a fast paced world, whereby, things are valued instead of time: with one another. Look for things that are different, involve the local community, and stand for what you believe to be important.

Jurgita is showcasing a few of her tea accessories: mugs, tea pots, and canisters. Essentially, she is showing us how the store has created memories.
Jurgita at Three Spoons


Commit to what you are doing. Jurgita comes from Vilnius, Lithuania. As a teenager, she had travelled a bit around Europe, nothing too major. Then one day, her and her husband decided to visit Cork, Ireland. At that particular time, she had never been on an airplane or been on a long distant trip. When they had arrived in Ireland, they had experienced a bit of a culture shock. At that time, Ireland was much more developed and advanced than Lithuania, as she remembers. Ireland was a totally different world.

Her and her husband had come to Ireland just for a trip. However, they feel in love with Cork, Ireland; as a result, the decided to start a life here. They were expecting their first child and were relatively new newly weds. With the enthusiasm of being young, they took on jobs and started to make a life here in Cork. Being a parent, requires a lot of attention and energy.

Jurgita, really took the time to explain her enjoyment for coffee and tea. She reflected back on how her mother was very particular about how coffee was being made. There was a ritual to how the coffee was made; even though, the method was simple, her mother made sure that the coffee was good strong coffee with a delicate taste. Where as Jurgita, was willing to experiment with coffee: a bit.

Jurgita and her husband, are particular about the types of coffee they carry. The coffee they carry has to come from a single origin. They have a variety of different types of equipment for making coffee: aeropress, filter, and pour over. One particular recipe that she shared sounded a bit, well: weird. However, I will give it a taste soon.

A selection of Indonesian, Mexican, Costa Rican, and Brazilian Coffee
Selection of Single Origin Coffees

There are a variety of ways for making coffee. Jurgita’s recipe is unique: egg yolk and coffee. First, make sure to buy pasteurized eggs. Then, what you need to do is separate the raw egg yolk from the egg white. Put the raw egg yolk into a bowl and beat it until it becomes fluffy. Then, you will need to add hot coffee and some sugar to the fluffy egg yolk. There were no measurements; so, you will need to experiment with the portions. This particular recipe was a popular dish among her and her friends, when she was a teenager.

As you grow older, your taste buds develop. Jurgita, likes to experiment with coffee, as you could imagine. However, she is particularly fond of sweet coffees: cappuccinos, mochas, and those made with condensed milk; whereas, her husband drinks his black. Regardless, they only buy coffee and tea that they would enjoy drinking.

As you look around the Three Spoons, you get a sense of beauty and contribution. When they purchase products, they look to buy items that are made by hand, are creative, and give back to the community of artists. There is a strong sense of supporting the local creative community. Let’s start with a few of the tea pots.

Oriental Blue tea pot and tea cup with flowers.
Oriental Tea Pot

At the back of THREE SPOONS, you will see these gorgeous tea pots. The designs are simple yet elegant. You know for certain that they are made in the orient: Japan or China. Initially, they struggled to find suitable company to work with, as there are a few complications when dealing with overseas companies. They wanted unique and special products that came as close as possible to the source. They wanted to make sure that they could choose what they liked.

Tea leaf strainer in the shape of an umbrella.
Umbrella Tea Leaf strainer

Gradually, they found themselves becoming almost obsessed with the wide range of accessories. Here in Cork, Ireland, there are not as many unique accessories for tea. As you look around their shop on Oliver Plunket, you can see that each item is unique, special, and beautiful.

Marbled Soap made in Lithuania
Handmade soaps from Lithuania

Like her products, you start to see a very delicate and beautiful soul. A soul and a shop: Three Spoons, that values friends, family, and relationships. Throw in some randomness and you have Jurgita. She may not always have had a specific plan or blueprint; however, there is deep conviction and determination in doing what she likes to do.

Jurgita, really loves her two children and the one on the way. As a parent, she wants her children to have the nice things of life; however, she recognizes the power and strength in developing relationships. Having come from ex Soviet Union, all they had was: family and friends. They learned to use their imagination to create something new and exciting. They would go outside fight, laugh, play, argue and get on with life. Your neighbours helped you; you helped your neighbours.

Supporting honey farmers.
Local Honey with Honey Comb

Create memories

With any relationship, there is a sense of negotiation. As a parent, Jurgita and her husband find this particularly evident with their children. A household requires rules and guidelines, when you have a teenager, those rules and guidelines get tested. They are learning to implement a space whereby everyone involved is contributing to the rule making process. She is looking to create a sense of personal responsibility and accountability. Get it done. It doesn’t have to be perfect; just get it done.

Japanese Matcha Tea
Japanese Matcha

When she was young, they would play outside as kids. In the winter, her and her brother would slide down a local hill on a piece of plywood. The plywood was smooth enough that the kids would woosh down the hill. As you can sense, she is the type of person to create memories. When they came home, they were soaked from head to toe. Her mother would have a large basin full of hot water for the kids to sit in and warm up. They would sit there for about an hour to insure that the cold was out of their young bones.

Through out your life you will question things. At the end of the day, you need to find your calling within yourself. Take chances and figure things out as you go.

Handmade Soy Wax Candle supporting a local artist.
Handmade Soy Wax Candle

When asked about Cork, she smiled fondly. Cork is a city that you feel that you know everyone from somewhere. The city is small enough for you to walk around and enjoy. Many places in the city are dog friendly and inviting. She really likes the fact that people smile, nod, and say hello. You feel safe and accepted.

When asked about Vilnius and Lithuania, she spoke of she created life long memories and how quickly things have developed. As a child, there were many parks and places that were owned by the government; whereas now, many of those places are privately owned. The city itself is very beautiful. There is a river and many parks still in the city. In many ways, you feel like you stepping back in history.

Jurgita is putting coffee beans into a coffee bag.
Jurgita Preparing coffee beans

So, remember when you are unsure about something, stop and listen to yourself. You will find the answer within yourself. Do what you like to do. Take the time to build your relationships and create memories. When you create life long memories they last and stay with you. Things come and go. Support your community and your community will support you. Look for those hidden gems & create something unique. Essentially, be you.