Being a busy cafe, the staff are welcoming and friendly. During an afternoon rush, they encounter a small army of coffee thirsty individuals. Just keep in mind the staff would love to chat; however, they are probably a bit tired.

For Sale: Sandwiches, Savoury goods, and desserts

Filter Coffee a speciality coffee shop found on the South Side of the Lee across from St. Church. Filter Coffee specializes in making a proper cup of java.

Each cup of coffee glides over your tongue leaving a refreshing after taste. Many of the local businessmen and women pop in grab Joe and go or chill for 10 to 20 minutes for his/her long awaited break. Once that twenty minute mark hits: like magic people get a surge of energy and proceed to conquer their next task. S/he regains that sparkle in his/her eye and dashes off to their offices or next meeting.

Meanwhile, back at the Filter, the interior is very minimalist. There are three stools and a long bench in the front and a number of stools dotted around the back part of the bar. The clean and well stocked bathroom gets the job done for able bodied people. If you are interested in what is happening in Cork the notice board will inform you of any upcoming events.

Besides serving coffee, they serve a few desserts and sandwiches.