Being part of the independent coffee community here in City Cork, opens doors to possibilities. Today, Filter Espresso in Cork on George’s Quay held a coffee cupping. Wil Gilbert from Cork Coffee Community, prepared four different coffees for our group of eight to sample. The four coffees came from Silverskin Coffee Roasters.

The Finca Sonora and Tablon El Roble came away the winners. These full bodied coffees struck up a conversation with your tongue. Your tongue bathed in a variety of flavours that left your palate quietly and fresh. Finca Sonora wined and danced your palate.

Finca introduced himself in a gentlemanly manner. When he entered the room, all the senses knew he was flush with flavors. Even the initial grid your nose knew that Finca came loaded. Your eyes saw that the crust and the texture radiated richness. Even the first slurp sounded juicy and tasty. Finca reminds us to sometimes go and lavish yourself in the finer riches of life. Embellish your senses.

Where as the other two coffees made an abrupt entrance and vanished without saying good-bye. The tongue felt slightly confused. The two coffees came in and left without leaving any real lasting memory. After a few introductions, you could get hints of a subtle character that hid their flavors quietly.