Alex, at SOMA Coffee Company, hosted a Coffee Cupping with Niall, a Cork native. Niall lived in Berlin, as a Barista, at Rostsatta. Before moving to Canada, he came to City Cork in Ireland and provided a Coffee Cupping.

Niall provided simple terminology and in-depth insights for this coffee cupping event. He provided a general overview thus providing a solid base in coffee education. Niall set up twelve cups with six different types of coffee: two washed and four natural processed coffees. He divided a table in half and had six cups of coffee on each side to provide enough coffee for our large group of 25+ people.

After introducing the coffees, Alex and Niall took careful measurements to insure that the water was weighed to a specified weight. Next, Niall, waited the appropriate amount of time to let the coffee seep. While we waited patiently, Niall explained how to aerate the coffee. Aerating the coffee brings out the subtle hints of the coffee beans. Once he gave the explanation, Niall quickly broke the crust off the cups. His master hand made the process look smooth and easy.

Once, the crust was removed. Two Rows of Coffee for CuppingNiall had us line-up and sample the coffees with our spoons. Those with experience provided insights into distinguishing the flavours. Niall asked us which coffee appealed to us the most of the six that we sampled. Many people choose the “Pearl Neagra,” and the “Koke”.

Upon waiting several minutes, Niall lead us back to the table and suggested sampling the coffees again. Now that the cups have cooled down, certain flavours popped out that the hot water sort of hid. We took a second vote. This time “Pearl Neagra,” took the vote. Regardless of the decision, we all agreed that Niall provided great coffee and useful knowledge for us to sit and ponder.

Here in City Cork, our coffee community continues to grow and become cultured in the subtleties of coffee.