As fall and the energy of the autumn approaches, Cafe MYO embraced the seasonal change by creating a communal community environment. On Cafe MYO’s three year anniversary, Liam holds an evening event to celebrate MYO and to bring awareness to Suicide Prevention.

Seating arrangement in Cafe MYO. Windows overlooking River Lee. Bright

Communal or Individual Seating

Cafe MYO opened  three years ago with a community mindset. Liam, the owner, embraced the idea of creating communal classes and events; where by people could further develop him/herself or simply re-energize. Besides developing ones self, Cafe MYO provides a space to be accepted and appreciated.

Liam encourages the artists to share and encourage one another’s craft and abilities. Those that draw or paint can request to hang their paintings or drawings and possibly sell them. For the musically inclined, Liam encourages spontaneous improvised merriment music. Those that enjoy writing he provides a space or an opportunity to have an open mic nite or a poetry reading.

Besides providing a space for our artistic talents and abilities to develop, Liam also places importance on the sense of being accepted and appreciated. For many the long dark nights and gray weather depresses people.  In order to combat depression or suicide, every year on MYO’s anniversary Liam holds an evening event. All proceeds go towards Suicide Prevention and awareness.  Liam, provides music, treats, and fresh organic coffee, loose leaf tea, and hot chocolate.