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As mentioned in a previous post the Haven Cafe opens their doors to all those with musical talents and abilities on Fridays at 7pm. Haven Open Mic Fridays at 7mThe Haven Cafe reminds people that the cafe is a Christian based organization that welcomes everyone. 93.1 FM does sponsor and provide funding to keep the cafe running.

The cafe offers soups, sandwiches, and numerous non-alcoholic drinks. Many mothers find their way here as the cafe provides an open flat seating environment; there by making it ideal for strollers, buggies and young children to run around and play. Besides having an open flat environment the drinks and food remains affordable and healthy.

Espresso at the HavenOn the occasion, you can come in and find the place reasonably quiet. When quiet, the Haven makes for a fantastic place to read, to get some work done, or to just look outside and watch the world go by as you contemplate life. Keep in mind the Haven prides itself on being a safespace. So, young mothers, people looking to contribute, and those looking for an affordable and warm place to stay can interact with like minded people.