The coffee movement has taken the world one cup at a time. Most travellers and expats are aware of the big names: Starbucks, Gloria Jeans, Costa just to name a few; however, the gems of a local city, such as Cork City, Ireland, often go unnoticed. Starting with Cork City’s independent coffee movement, we will look at a number of coffee shops in Cork.  What makes a coffee shop gem? What events are being held?

First, does the coffee shop use freshly roasted beans? Were the beans recently roasted, for example within the last four weeks? Or were the beans roasted four months ago? Freshly roasted beans are similar to fresh cookies out of the oven. They simply taste great. The flavours tend to give your taste buds a little dance party with no hang over. Or in this case a short lived lingering after taste. Your palate comes away clean and invigorated. Initially, your mouth is jolted out of it’s seat and gives captain coffee a proper salute. Your tongue knows who is in command. A proper coffee commands respect and appreciation; all while, the captain coffee respects the taste buds with a clean exit. Recently roasted beans retain flavour and crisp freshness.