A quality product and a genuine interest in people keep them coming back.

Jess likes to keep things eloquently simple. Her friendships and due diligence keep her active and desiring more out of life.

A bit of background about this young lady. Jess, has an interest in home interior design. Initially, she started college to become an interior designer. However, the course started to get into commercial design, which wasn’t something that she was particularly interested in studying. While she was studying, she would stop by BURNT pizza to chat with her friend Sam.

Jess holding a bag of Brazilian coffee beans in SOMA 2, at 8a Anglesa st.

At the time, Sam was the manager of BURNT Pizza, at 21 Princess street. Jess would pop in to have hot chocolate and a quick chat. Sam encouraged Jess to have her first Americano, about 2 years ago. She enjoyed her first cup of coffee so, much, so, that she started to visit BURNT almost everyday, for her cup of coffee. She realized that the course wasn’t to her liking or interest; so, she took on a part-time job.

Inside BURNT restaurant on 21 Princess st, in Cork City, Ireland
Inside BURNT

She moved over to Penny’s and worked there part-time/ full time. While she was there, she worked in pretty much every department. Jess liked the work; however, it was a bit tiresome, as there was no real challenge. Regardless, her taste for coffee peaked her interest.

Jess, started to do her own research about coffee. Since she was drinking, SOMA Coffee Company’s coffee, a specialty coffee shop, her taste buds began to have a certain standard for how coffee should taste.

While out one particular night, she crashed over at friend’s house. Her friend asked Jess, “one or two spoons?”

Jess had no idea what she was on about. She asked her friend, “What do you mean, ‘one or two spoons?’”

Her friend replied, “One or two spoons of coffee.”

Not knowing that her friend was asking this question because she was offering instant coffee. Jess, took a few sips and was not exactly impressed. It was at this moment, that Jess, realized that she had become a coffee snob. She immediately recognized how vastly different Instant Coffee and Specialty Coffee from SOMA were.

Pouring an Espresso with Specialty coffee.
Espresso Pouring Photo by: Acemedia

After this particular incident, Jess started to learn about coffee. She took it upon herself to learn about coffee by buying books, reading blogs, and watching the occasional YouTube Channel. The idea behind her learning was to have a deeper understanding of the theory and commercial process behind specialty coffee. Her friends could see that her interest in coffee start to become a bit of a passion.

JESS likes to support Local Businesses

Jess liked how specialty coffee supports local farmers and is single origin. Specialty coffee often comes from micro farms from various parts of the world, in the coffee belt. The beans need to meet a high quality standard and meet the grade of being one 85. Single origin means that there is one link between you and the farmer. So, the farmer gets the best price for their beans. Finally, your roaster get high quality graded beans almost directly from the source: logistics play a small factor.

Armed with her new knowledge, she approached Bruce at SOMA for a job. Almost immediately, Bruce hired her for the team. She was given a crash course on how to make coffee and operate the till. A few days later she was sent over to SOMA 2, at 8a Anglesea Street, in Cork city.

Making Latte Art in SOMA 2 at 8a Anglesea, Str.
Latte Art Photo by: Acemedia

Jess and Sam working together

Jess and Sam team up and make incredible coffee. Sam, from BURNT, had been working at SOMA 2. Sam immediately took Jess under her wing and showed her how to make coffee. Sam expected each cup of coffee to meet a certain standard, “We only serve the best of the best.”

The whole ritual of making coffee is done a certain way to insure that the quality is consistently the same every single time.

Sam taught Jess many things. A few of the key take aways were: pay attention to the extraction time, the pressure, and the grind, among many other things. You want every single cup to be amazingly delicious: rich in subtle flavours.

Two female baristas pouring milk in SOMA 2 Cafe, 8a Anglesea Str.
Pouring Flat Whites Photo by: Acemedia

Since the lockdown, people have been taking their coffee seriously. People have been buying a lot of home brewing equipment from SOMA 2 : Aero press, V60, and products to make a filtered coffee. We feel very privileged to work for our own roaster. As the company has cuppings and tastings for us to become familiar with the beans that we are serving and selling.

Jess finds a lot of satisfaction in contributing to the coffee culture of Cork. While working at SOMA 2, She is able to share her knowledge and further develop her own understanding, as she chats and listens to the customers. When it comes to her own personal drink, her go to is a double espresso Brazilian, with a drop of water. She also likes a medium black Colombian coffee. She likes how the Colombian has many of the similar tasting notes of Brazilian; however, the Colombian has a lovely acidic fruity taste, that is uniquely Colombian.

What makes Cork, Cork. The answer was simple: the people. People are friendly and helpful. The city has a laid-back casual attitude. Most people will take the time to have a chat with you and help you.