As you wander Cork City, you start to develop your favorite spots and locations. You learn to appreciate the subtleties and the quirks of the city. I like to visit Cafe MYO on Mondays. Cafe MYO starts the week invigorated and fresh.

On Mondays, Liam orders in fresh baked goods.

Fresh Spanish Omelet on a blue plate

Fresh Spanish Omelet

The Spanish Omelet makes appearance usually at the beginning of the week and then again sometime mid-week. He keeps a rotating stock of baked goods from various local bakeries or small businesses. Remember, Liam prefers to support his local community. He knows that the local business owners are putting their children through school. He knows the struggles of keeping a business afloat.



Fresh Moroccan Pies lined up waiting to be eaten

Moroccan Pies

Besides a fresh Spanish Omelet making an appearance, a group of Moroccan Pies take over some real estate on the counter. They line themselves up neatly and present their best side to you. They tempt your eyes and bellies hoping that you will choose one of them to compliment your coffee or loose leaf tea. What ever you choose to do, slip in say, “hi,” and grab something to warm you up.