Moody Cafe Vin: You Leave Home Only to Find a Place to Call Home

Jarek, is definitely one of those people who you respect immediately. Jarek’s story, demeanor, and personality let you know that you are in the presence of someone who clearly knows what he wants out of life. He is particularly polite and firm. As you sit a listen you find yourself drawn into the weaving & the very fabric of his life. Moody Cafe Vin is definitely a reflection of Jarek & the relationship that he has with his business partner.

The name Moody Cafe Vin is a bit of a play on words, in my opinion. In the literal sense, Jarek said, “I may be a bit moody. However, people will leave the shop with a favourable memorable experience that will have them wanting to return to the shop. I have high standards; while at the same time, everyone will feel welcomed and leave with the desire to want to return.”

In another literal sense, Moody Cafe Vin changes through out the day. The shop is bright in the morning and afternoon, perfect for morning coffee and in the future breakfast or brunch. In the late afternoon, you are getting a slightly golden warm glow. In the evening, Moody Cafe Vin becomes a Tapas wine bar. The lights give off a warm golden glow, the music is low, and you grow to appreciate the evening view.

Seating Area by the Windows

In a more figurative way, Moody Cafe Vin is a bit of a reflection of how the cafe/ tapas bar plans to grow and develop. You need to pay attention to what the customers want and be able to read each person’s mood. The mood of the city and environment changes. You need to change and evolve with the people. The conversation and the interaction with your customers is what a cafe and Tapa bar is all about, according to Jarek.

Now, the conversation and interaction, with the customer, is one part of making a business successful. You need to have a quality product. A product that keeps people coming back and talking about when s/he leaves. He has learned a lot about coffee on his own, as he is very passionate about coffee.

Jarek Making Coffee

In terms of coffee, they have teamed up with Badger and Dodo. Brock and his team have been incredibly supportive and encouraging. Elia, Badger and Dodo’s Q Grader, visits Moody Cafe Vin semi regularly to insure things are running smoothly and to troubleshoot any problems. In the future, the cafe/ Tapa bar does plan to put on events to further educate people about specialty coffee.

Badger & Dodo: Flat White

While in Cork, he visits a number of cafes and coffee shops. During his visit, he watches silently or ask questions about what the barista is doing. In doing so, he is continuously developing his own style & skill set.

You need to push yourself daily to find ways to improve and develop the shop and yourself. You need to continuously learn new recipes, about the wines and coffees. What ever it is, that you are learning, you should push yourself to change. Change and development is Jarek’s motto. When you look around the shop, you see phrases and paintings to remind you to grow and take the chance.

As Jarek said, “You make the place. The place doesn’t make you.”

Moody Cafe Vin

Have a childlike wonder for life and your business. Don’t overthink just do. When you look around the cafe, you see the many things that Jarek and his business partner have done. He is very much a do it yourself type person. The shelving, the tables, and other odds and ends around the shop have been put together by Jarek. For years, he imagined how Moody Cafe Vin would look like. He also had the ideal business partner in mind.

Jarek is a no nonsense type of person. He was and is looking for a person that was blunt and to the point, while, at the same time respectful and polite. He wanted a person who believed and shared the same vision he has for the place. They are able to brainstorm and hit each other hard with ideas and suggestions. Essentially, he was looking for a person that believed in his vision, was patient, and could work together.

When he started to work at Gallagher’s Pub and Bistro, he was given a two to three week probation period. One particular story he shared was his first day of working at Gallagher’s Pub. Noreen, the owner of Gallagher’s walked in and put her purse behind the working counter. Jarek, immediately asked her to remove her bag and place it somewhere a bit more suitable. The staff told him, “She’s the owner.”

Jarek stood his ground and politely reminded them that a purse doesn’t belong behind a working bar. Noreen understood; and, from that point on, Jarek and Noreen have had a no nonsense professional relationship. Noreen saw and believes in Jarek’s vision; as a result, they have teamed up & have opened up Moody Cafe Vin

Here are some of the basics of Moody Cafe Vin. Moody is dog friendly. The cafe/ tapas bar has wifi, plenty of workspace, and supports local businesses. They are in the process of making sure everything is green. They really believe in being sustainable and supporting local. So, much so, that Jarek has found a coffee cup company, in Germany, that uses the coffee grounds to make coffee cups. He is in the process of figuring out what needs to be done to convert the coffee grounds into their own coffee cups. They use paper straws. There are plenty of vegan options, as well. He wants people to feel the hospitality of Cork.

Group Seating by the Window

When asked about Cork, Jarek definitely emphasized the importance of the hospitality industry and the high standards. “Here in Cork people have a certain expectation on how a Guinness is poured, where as in the US, people just take what s/he is given.”

Cork in his opinion is a piece of art that is still being discovered. You can spend your whole life here and find undiscovered places. The city has a lovely balance between young and old. There are many schools and higher level educational institutions in the city. The students give the city a youthful vibrant feel. When you get a bit outside the city centre, you discover an array of heritage buildings that have been passed down from generation to generation. There are castles, forts, and other similar like buildings, which attract tourists to the city.

Cork city, itself is easily accessible. There are numerous motorways that come into the city. If you choose to come by train, Kent station is a 15 minute walk to the city centre. Parnell Bus Station is an 8 minute walk to the city centre. Essentially, the city is small enough to enjoy for a day or so; or, large enough that you don’t really want to leave.

The people of Cork, will do what s/he can to help you. They just don’t want to see you be a burden to society. There are many jobs in the hospitality industry. The owners will expect you to meet the high standards and at the same time to enjoy yourself.