The 2008 economic crash hit many Irish people hard. Some people from Ireland went to other countries to find work and start a new life. Paul on the other hand decided to completely change careers. Paul went from being a surveyor to making and serving coffee. He focused and put all of his energy and time into creating a chilled relaxing coffee shop that serves high quality coffee.

Besides creating a relaxed coffee shop, he spent time travelling. On one of his adventures he stumbled upon “Barn Coffee” in Berlin Germany. Shortly after he came back to Ireland, from Germany, a representative of “Barn Coffee,” approached Paul. Paul having had “Barn Coffee,” decided to host their coffee. As time progresses, Paul realized that he needed to update his machinery to compliment and properly showcase the qualities of “Barn Coffee”.

Bookshelf Coffee Co decided to buy the Black Eagle espresso machine and grinder. Quite honestly, I had no idea how much was involved in making a cup of Jo until Paul and his manager Monica sat down with me. We sat together for over an hour on two separate occasions discussing the importance of having a high quality grinder and espresso machine. We also talked about  their individual backgrounds and how coffee became his/her life. Regardless, both Monica and Paul kept reminding me of the importance of their Black Eagle espresso machine and Grinder. Paul’s enthusiasm and excitement really shows as he explains and discusses the Bookshelf’s high end espresso machine.

The Black Eagle espresso machine makes quality control easy. The barista comes in early in the morning and spends a bit of time looking for the recipe of the day. S/he uses 17.5 grams of coffee and then spends a bit of time experimenting with time and temperature.

Espresso and water on a wooden board


Once the day’s recipe has been found, the barista checks the machine occasionally to insure that the temperature, time, grind, and weight have not changed. If so, s/he makes the necessary adjustments and business goes on as usual.

Besides having a high quality coffee, the Bookshelf Coffee Co serves a simple menu: brunch all day. Everything is made in house. So, you are guaranteed fresh homemade baked goods.

Whether, you are looking for a cool place to chill or looking for either an amazing coffee or tasty food, stop by the Bookshelf Coffee Co and satisfy your needs.