The Priory Coffee Company is located on North Main street in Cork city Ireland. The location in Cork enables you to enjoy the fresh air, stay warm and dry. The long benches invite others to join you. If you are new to the city, the Priory Coffee Company on North Main St creates a space to meet the locals or fellow travellers. Besides being friendly and open the Priory makes mouth watering snacks and sandwiches.

Rice Crispy Squares
Rice Crispy Sqrs

Priory Coffee Company: Coffee

Today,at the Priory Coffee Company, they prepared rice crispy squares, chocolate croissants, as well as a few other pastries that call out your name. When ordered the staff carefully puts together a lovely smoked chicken sandwich. The flavours do linger for a brief moment tantalizing your tongue for more. Each crisp bite leaves your mouth asking for another bite. Now, you came in for a coffee right.

Cappucino at the Priory

Besides having espressos and americanoes, the Priory makes a tantalizing cappuccino with a steady hand. You can see the Rosetta here is clearly defined.

The coffee beans come from a local Irish roaster Badger and Dodo. You can find Badger and Dodo coffee beans in  a number of local cafe shops through out Ireland. You can rest assure to have recently roasted beans that have rested here at the Priory Coffee Company.