SOMA is a recent addition to the independent coffee scene in Cork. Alex has opened up his independent coffee shop after having worked in three different coffee shops in Europe. His knowledge on coffee runs deep and true by keeping things fresh and exciting. He has opened SOMA independently with the education from the school of hard knocks. Alex’s passion and enthusiasm stems from his first job that he got in Greece while working for an uber coffee enthusiast. Learn more about how Alex found his passion and grind for making coffee..

Sidewalk view of SOMA on Tuckey Street

Address: 23 Tuckey Cork City
Owner: Alex Bruce


Items for sale: Coffee Bags; Grinders; Coffee Breasers; Filters; Keep Cups; and Scales


SOMAs coffee is served fresh. He keeps two types of coffee. The primary coffee is an organic Brazilian fatamo coffee and a guest coffee that changes once a month. The guest coffee for the month of October 2017 visits us from Ethiopia farm Biftu Gudina. He has filter coffee, drip coffee, iced coffee, and cold brew. His machinery consists of a La Marzocco PB 3 group, grinder Mahlhonig various k30 xz. They have begun roasting themselves. They have started to move their roastery down to the BLACK MARKET on Manahon Road.

SOMA keeps the shop simple in name and interior. The name SOMA comes from a Vedic Ritual to extract an intoxicating beverage from a plant. Coffee gives a jolt to the system and intoxicates us with caffeine. As the industry of coffee has changed so have the coffee shops. SOMA keeps looking for ways to improve and to expand.

They have recently brought on a operations manager: Liam. Liam has started navigating SOMA through some new territory: bulk roasting, mass shipping, and other sales related stuff. Besides sales he’s keeping the shop and roaster organized.

The industrial modern simple approach works here. The few small windows in the place open up to the park behind SOMA. Rough thick industrial tables decorate the coffee shop. In the back, a large coach invites you to sit and let the world’s problems disappear.

SOMA's interior: display of food and menu board of coffee.
Come in grab a coffee

There are number of smaller tables that provide workspace for those looking to conduct business or to do some other work. In the front of the shop, you can pull up a stool and park yourself their. Put your coffee on the communal shelf provided and embellish your taste buds.

Order a sandwich or some of their pastries. Alex has insured that guests have something to nibble on or to feed the hangries. SOMA has Vegan and Gluten free options. Sandwiches are pre-made each day at the beginning of the day. They are made with fresh bread and vegetable that is then popped into a toastie. Other items in the display case, Alex or a member of the staff will gladly get you a dessert or pastry that comes from one of the local bakeries.

Alex also has a passion for music. Each week changes; however, Alex attempts to have a DJ come in on Sunday afternoons. On the other days of the week, Alex insures that the place has upbeat music that is quiet enough for you to have conversation, while at the same time loud enough to drowned out the other conversations around you. The music surrounds you like a bubble; and, the coffee perks up some energy and good vibes.

For those concerned about staying awake at night, keep in mind that the caffeine will depart your system between 3 to 4 hours; so, you don’t need to worry about the caffeine disturbing your sleep.