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Well, Christmas has come and gone and we are approaching February. Here in Cork city we are fortunate enough to have warm welcoming days. The days are filled with all sorts of weather: rain, wind, sun, and occasionally frosty evenings. Many of the spring flowers have begun to bloom. With blossoming flowers comes sense of restlessness.

The people of Cork emerge from their winter slumber, they start to take time to wander around the city. Young couples are out and about: going for walks, taking in River Lee, taking photos and looking ever so intimately into one another’s eyes. They stroll around looking for places to go sit, chat, and relax.

The scent of coffee lures you into though the door. You may take a moment to survey the room to see who is here or to see if there is room to sit and be alone with our partner. Some of the new found partners sit almost in the middle of the room to almost say look at my new found love. Others sit in the back corners whispering, giggling, cuddling and teasing one another.

Coffee shops bustle with activity. Espresso machines whistle and hiss. Fringe doors release and suck in air. The cutlery adds a certain rhythm and beat to ambience. The plates remind us of their chiming personality and their delicate feelings each time a fork or knife settles down on top. Glasses, mugs, and cups clump down on the strong sturdy wooden tables that fill the room. As people get up the rumbling rocking sound of chairs fill the room. We look up to see who is leaving or who is taking a seat.

Old familiar faces begin to appear. We spend a few minutes catching up, sharing stories, and introducing our partner. Or we spend a few moments telling our friends’ our future intentions: to travel, to buy a house, or to finally have a child. We talk about school, the struggles at work, or our new work out regime. With a quick nod of the head and shaking of hands, the door beacons us to leave.

Outside the golden disk begins to make its decent. The skies turn pink, red, and a pastel blue. The birds start to become quiet. The flowers huddle together. We make our way home to prepare dinner and cuddle up together.