St. Peter’s Church can be found on North Main Street in Cork City. The church is a tourist attraction and quiet well known for hosting events and providing a home for the history of Cork exhibition.

St. Peter’s Church does pride itself on being accessible to all types of community events. Of course the standard weddings and corporate events are held here. Schools and other educators also host functions. However, what many people over look is that if you would like to provide a service to the community free of charge or for a nominal fee you too can provide a service. You can ask for the whole church, and that may cost a bit, or for a small section and the fee could be very reasonable.

Besides being an amazing venue, there are many events. There are dance classes, art classes, and historic talks about Cork, about equality, and how reinvent North Main Street. The people of Cork are proud to be from Cork. As you might have been able to tell by the events held at St. Peter’s, there is a strong artistic hipster flow that unites us. Many of the people of Cork city value their independence; while at the same time, the encourage and support one another’s artistic rebellious spirit.

During Christmas, craft and markets find a temporary home in the church. Local fashion designers bring in their items to sell, to show off, and to exchange ideas with one another. Jewellers, craft makers, and other accessory producers come here and present their wares as gift ideas or personal items for purchase. Let’s not forget the bakers and jammers that have also set up their food products. As you can guess, everything in this market is made locally. They attempt to source their products locally as well. Many of local jewellers hand pick their flowers from nearby parks. The bakers and chefs buy local produce. The fashion designers do their best to buy from local sheep farmers or local fabric shops.