A very popular place in the city centre of Cork: The Bookshelf. The Bookshelf takes great pride  in their coffee: The Barn. 20171103_120839 However, The Bookshelf hides itself in the city centre. After a bit of a wander through out Cork city you can order a lovely brunch and a coffee. The Barn distributes coffee through out Europe, Japan, and Canada. https://thebarn.de/




20171103_121327Besides making a coffee that wakes up your taste buds the Bookshelf has a lovely way to present their coffee: espresso and water. The coffee presentation reminds you that aesthetics matter. The calm coloured blue walls bring about a peaceful sense. The seating reminds people of just sitting back at home and taking in the coffee. Yes, the atmosphere remains relaxed and chilled. Take a moment and look around for “the bookshelf”.