Priory Coffee in Cork City nestles itself on North Main Street, where you can sit outside and take in the activity of the street or chat with a local.

Address: 1 North Main Street Centre Cork
Contact: (085)252.5902
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For Sale: Soups, Sandwiches, Savoury goods, and desserts

Beans: Badger & Dodo Cofffee

Coffees: Filter, Drip, Iced, Cold Brew

Items for sale: Coffee Beans,

Food: Pastries, Desserts

Priory’s approaches coffee with a modern up to date minimalist approach. Sleek black walls and bright yellow benches call out to innocent  by standards walking by to a warm and delicious cup of coffee and a mouth watering dessert.  The staff welcomes you with warm smiles and enthusiasm. The carefully chosen music blends itself to the patrons and time of day.

The four owners all contribute and play to their assets and skills. One pays attention to the details of the shop. Another concentrates on doing the advertisement and social media. Another takes care of the accounting and financial workings. And finally the other greets and meets locals and is in the day to day running of the business in the coffee shop. As a result the coffee shop runs smoothly.

They buy their baked goods locally. Each day a new batch of freshly baked goods arrives. Priory tops up their goodies and tasties to insure you have a lovely experience.