There are many things to celebrate as Christmas approaches: year end parties, graduations, promotions, and of course anniversaries. This year The Three Fools proudly announce their second year of serving the City Cork and visitors of Cork. Many exciting things have taken place for the Three Fools.

First, they have established their online store. The store enables you to order your coffee and the way you would like it ground, as well as having your coffee delivered to your door. So, on these cold winter days go to their online store and order your coffee.

Second, the Three Fools have contributed to a number of local community events. They have helped raise awareness for the Irish Guide Dogs and the Halloween Zombie walk. For the Zombie walk fund raiser they asked for a donation and provided you with a free donut and coffee of your choice. Second, the staff and owners ran at midnight at the beginning of November at the Cork Airport.

Finally, they are working hard to provide great service and keep you updated on social media. The staff will always have a bright smile on their face, call you by name, once you have introduce yourself, share a laugh, and recommend places around the city to visit. You can follow them on Instagram or Facebook. The staff all attempts to contribute to the social media platform by either taking photos or keeping you posted about upcoming deals and discounts.

So, come by the Three Fools and congratulate them on their two wonderful years of service to Cork City. They will be pleased to meet you and ready to serve you. Besides that you can stop in and warm up while the GLO exhibition is on in city center Cork City.