As Halloween approaches witches, vampires, and zombies start to emerge from the crept. Here at Three Fools Coffee, the Fools contribute to the Irish Guide Dog Zombie walk. They gave free beverages and donuts away for any monetary contribution in order to raise awareness and to keep the young and old zombies warm and happy.

The Irish Guide Dog association set up a booth for face painting. A person would give a donation and get his or her face painted. The painted faces varied from bloody oozing gore to a few gashes with festering infection. After a few hours of painting and long line ups, the party was set. Grande Parade in downtown city Cork, Ireland, become a zombie apocalypse.

The clock struck seven and Micheal Jackson’s song “Thriller,” blasted across the city square. Zombies emerged and began dancing to “Thriller“. To a photographer’s delight there were many photo opportunities. A few off duty service dogs joined the community of Zombies and lead us through the endless night.

Being a service dog requires dedication and endless amount of patience. We often forget how quiet and unobtrusiveness these loyal guide dogs are. Guide Dogs walk in silence. Guide Dogs protect and stop their owners when necessary. In short, being a guide dog requires an endless amount of self-control and assurance. I am grateful that such events praise and acknowledge the work of such dedicated animals. At the end of the night these loyal, dependable, dedicated service dogs go home and run freely.